Swan X4
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Swan X4


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Product Description

Linear response, high SPL, a wide window into the midrange, active filtering, accurate and detailed highs, and a large sweet spot mean the award-winning1 X4 Active Near-Field Monitor is an ideal speaker for home project studios and professional recording studios, multi-channel audio installations or as a high-end multimedia speaker system. The X4 features adjustable active filters for adapting it to various listening environments and a solid, egg-shaped aluminum enclosure designed to dissipate amplifier heat and enhance imaging. An included rubber base securely cradles the enclosure isolating the speaker from the surface it rests on, allowing it unlimited angle adjustments.

With the help of finite element CAD design, the enclosure’s wave-guide ensures a smooth and consistent on-axis and off-axis frequency response while offering an accurate and stable sound image. The egg-shaped cabinet design of the X4 adopts a low-diffraction concept for optimal imaging. The X4 makes efficient use of cabinet space to get maximum volume through its enclosure. The X4’s bent tube and low-noise port design provide natural, low-frequency output and minimized port noise distortion. The cabinet is made of durable die-cast aluminum to reduce cabinet resonance. Its surface has a scratch-resistant, matte finish.

The 4-inch woofer and 20mm metal dome tweeter are a perfect match for this configuration. A 45-watt power amplifier bi-amplifies the speaker to a 105 SPL. Adjustable filtering can be found on the rear plate of the X4. Selections include a three-position high pass filter to match a subwoofer with the X4 along with selectable low frequency, midrange frequency filters to adapt to different listening environments, and high pass filter adjustments (+ / 0 / -) to roll-off or boost pre-selected frequency bands.

The X4 is very natural and linear. In fact, you’ll know just how well your two speakers match up with other and how linear they are because each speaker is shipped with its frequency response curve. The X4 can produce accurate and dynamic response that will translate nicely into a wide variety of listening conditions and environments. Couple this system with a Swans/HiVi optional powered subwoofer and you have a system that can accurately reproduce music and audio soundtracks with astonishing clarity and realism.

1. Innovations Award for Design and Engineering Honoree – 2011 International CES


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